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Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet
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Soft Serve Portable is a battery driven slightly smaller version of our best selling Soft Serve Lamp. The lamp comes equipped with a  white textile magnetic USB cable which gives you the possibility to bring it with you wherever you go. It's smaller size makes it perfect to place in those nooks and crannies where a cable does not reach. The lamp is suitable for both inside as well as outside usage. With its 3-step dimmable feature - adjust the lighting depending on your mood.


Winner of German Design Award 2024 "Excellent Product Design - Lighting", winner of Scandinavian Design Awards 2023 "Detail of the year",  winner of Plaza Interiors Sustainability awards 2022, winner of Iconic awards 2024 "Lighting" and "Shortlisted" Dezeen awards 2023.

Inspired by the nostalgia-inducing light and airy soft serve ice cream – our minimalistic Soft Serve Lamp adds just the right touch of uniqueness to your interiors with its Scandinavian aesthetic, textural richness and poetic timeless charm.
Available in a mélange of soothing colors from Vanilla bean to Peach Sorbet – simply pick from one of the 10 irresistible flavours to brighten your home up!

Sustainably manufactured and packed in Stockholm - each lamp is exclusively custom made on demand with a printing time of 6 hours.
Due to the 3D-printing process, there might be variations in texture and colour but this is what makes it a one-of-a-kind piece feasting your eyes. 

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Category Portable table lamp.
Settings This lamp is for indoors use only.
It can be taken outdoors but must be kept and stored indoors.
Dimensions H: 23 cm W: 20.5 cm.
Weight 0,6 kg.
Voltage Recharge input 5.0V, 2A
Light source 2835
Ambient temperature -10~45 ℃,
LED lifetime 50.000 hours
Battery Operating time when fully charged: 10 hours
Charging time: 8 hours
Replaceable Crème Atelier battery & LED.
Can be purchased at Crème Atelier. 
Dimmability 3 levels (100%, 65%, 35%)
Charging Cable White textile magnetic micro USB cable (2m)
Material Shade/Base: 3d Printed Recycled PLA,
Other parts: ABS/PP/IRON
Internal battery: 2 pcs 18650
Certificate CE, IP44.

Download user instructions here.
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