From corn starch and recycled food packaging to Soft serve lamp.

Soft swirly shapes. Warm magical light. Soufflé-like aesthetic.

Harmoniously blending the perfect balance of elegance and playfulness - come step inside our sustainable whimsical world celebrating sweet delight!

Crème Atelier came to life through our common love for design.  While renovating our home, the idea of truly creating something together was born – we decided to craft a lamp without compromising on sustainability. This was the start of our journey.

Jacqueline Kessidis & Lucas Lind - founders of Crème Atelier.

Strongly believing in the combination of sustainable and beautiful design - we intricately 3D-print, assemble and pack in Stockholm.

From utilising biologically produced plastic extracted from corn starch and recycled food packaging – each lamp is delicately fabricated from rPLA from Holland.

While 3D printing, the material is seamlessly added layer by layer enabling us to avoid material spill that otherwise occurs in traditional manufacturing.

Avoiding the negative environmental impact that comes with mass production – our lamps are exclusively custom made on demand. We only manufacture when we receive an order.