Delivery and returns


We inform you of the expected delivery time for our goods on each product page. We may inform you of any delays by email, in which case you have the right to cancel your order. To cancel your order, please see below under "Cancellations". We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders. Your package will usually be delivered to the pick-up location nearest to you. The company that will ship your order will be indicated at checkout.


You may cancel your order at any time until the point we have shipped your order. To cancel your order, please send us a clear request to and include your order number.


Once we have delivered your order, you have 14 days to change your mind about your purchase. To exercise your right of withdrawal, please send a clear message to and include your order number. If you would like to change your order, you need to return the purchased product and place a new order for the product you want instead. We will send you a shipping label by email which you should use to send the package back to us. Please make sure to include all elements of the product and carefully pack the product in the original
box to better protect the product from damage during transport. We have the right to charge you if you have used the product, not returned all elements, or damaged the packaging more than necessary to test the product. You are responsible for the costs of the return shipping. For more information, please read our Terms
of Sale.


If you discover any clear damage to the packaging upon receipt of delivery, please report this to the shipping provider immediately. If you have received the incorrect product from us or if the product itself is damaged, please contact us by sending an email to Should the product you have received from us display any defect within 3 years from delivery, you need to notify us about the defect within reasonable time by sending a notice of defect to Please include your order number and a clear description and image of the defect. Non-conformity caused by maltreatment, abnormal use, wear and tear or accidents do not qualify as "defects". Upon receipt of your notice of defect, we will make a determination as to whether the defect falls
under the commercial or legal warranty or not. If we have determined that the defect falls under the commercial or legal warranty, we will offer you once of the following remedies (in our discretion), at no cost to you: (i) repair, (ii) re-delivery of a new product, (iii) price reduction, or (iv) refund. We are responsible for the costs of the return shipping. If, however, you have already returned the product to us, and we have determined that the warranty does not apply, you are responsible for the costs associated with such return and any further shipping back to you.


If you have the right to a refund, we will generally issue the refund as soon as possible upon receipt of the product. The refund will usually be sent to the payment method used when you initially purchased the product.


If your order has been sent to a pick-up location, and you have not claimed the package within the time period communicated by the shipping company, we have the right to charge and invoice you for our shipping costs to you, and from you, plus a handling fee of SEK 150 or EUR 15 (or the equivalent
in your country's currency). The information on this page applies to consumers only. Please note that we may change the information on this page from time to time. This page was last updated 2023-06-18.